Coming Soon: full-length album and epic collaboration

I’m pleased to announce that a new full-length album Sirius Tau will be coming soon from Romeda Records. The album contains 7 new songs from Dublock, from straight ahead techno bangers, to some more ambient, drone infested tracks. The album will be released on digital platforms, but also as a CD in a digipack. The […]

Review: Romeda Records – R2

From Owlbinos of Northfield’s iPad looped field recordings, to Kanal Drei’s modular techno mayhem, via hip-hop, ambient, drum and bass, acid, and 8-bit, this is a quality record, from a quality label.

Review: Repeated Viewing – Street Force

Street Force is the pseudo soundtrack to an ersatz film – a greasy, low-budget, early 80s giallo/schlock action film set in pre-clean up New York and coming across as a cheapo knock off merging Death Wish, The Warriors and Escape From New York.

Review: 3rd Witness – Low Bass Slow Pace Deep Space

3rd Witness – aka Trium Circulorum, Kanal Drei and 3dtorus – releases this new hour long mix of electronic dub. This set mixes elements of dub, reggae, dubstep and more with Trium Circulorum’s¬†signature¬†stripped down electronica. Songs weave in and out through epic infinite feedback delay, as elements from one track decay and become a soundbed […]