Imagination Lancaster

This quirky video is a recruitment video for the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences at Lancaster University.

The Festival of Making

A series of short films to match the Art In Manufacturing thread of the 2019 Festival.

Bright Sparks Wanted

A super-short 8 second video requiring a similar soundtrack for a campaign on social media.

Join Our Tribe

The new marketing campaign for Manchester Metroplitan University was shown in cinemas across the UK.

Flux and Flow

Sound design and music for Flux & Flow – the work of Nicole Regine, a student at UCLAN in Lancashire. The entire project went from storyboards to a completed project in 3 weeks. The music was composed as the film was being shot and edited, and provided in several files, allowing Nicole and her editor to piece it together in the edit.

Revo Show 2018

A 4 minute showreel from Wash for the Revo 2018 conference to be shown on giant screens in the venue.

Wonder, Discover, Create

A short, high-impact video designed for social media use. The video is a compilation of different science, technology, engineering and mathematics subjects offered at Lancaster University.

The work involved creating the idea for the video, editing the video, creating graphics and produced music to suit the content.

Holgates: out and about

Filmed at Silverdale by Wash Media, this commercial is for Holgates holiday camp.