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The Old Straight Track

Drawing inspiration from the depths of the earth and the timeless landscape, this is an album of shamanic ambient techno. Offering the signature blend of minimal techno with constantly evolving soundscapes, this brings more depth and detail that rewards repeat listens.

Album artwork by And At What Cost.

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Dangrabad Beta

Sirius Tau



Review: Romeda Records – R2

From Owlbinos of Northfield's iPad looped field recordings, to Kanal Drei's modular techno mayhem, via hip-hop, ambient, drum and bass, acid, and 8-bit, this is a quality record, from a quality label.

9 September 2016

Review: Field Lines Cartographer / Impulse Array

Magnetic Anomalies by Field Lines Cartographer is a new full-length ambient album out on Concrète Tapes – home of the wonderful Preston Field Audio. The album drifts through musical reference p…

16 August 2016