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The Old Straight Track

Drawing inspiration from the depths of the earth and the timeless landscape, this is an album of shamanic ambient techno. Offering the signature blend of minimal techno with constantly evolving soundscapes, this brings more depth and detail that rewards repeat listens.

Album artwork by And At What Cost.

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Dangrabad Beta

Sirius Tau



FavAlbums #1: The Cat

A 1964 jazz album might not be the obvious place to start a list of my favourite albums. But Jimmy Smiths The Cat is about as pure a musical experience you could ever hope for. Melodic, joyous, uplift…

17 August 2018

Releases Roundup

There has been a flurry of Dublock related releases lately, including collaborations, remixes and a quickie solo EP. Third Witness – Illequal  Third Witness – another nom de plume of Tr…

10 August 2018

Live at Emotion Wave – this Saturday

This Saturday 28th July marks my solo live debut. I’ll be performing a 30 minute set of minimal ambient and tribal techno at 81 Renshaw Street, Liverpool. Doors open at 8pm, and I’ll be on…

23 July 2018