third reel

the hidden one

Third Reel is a collaboration between Kanal Drei & Dublock. We found common ground in our styles and have produced a superbly focused piece of work, from atmospheric hazy ambient pieces to beat-laden techno. Written and produced over 6 months, with over 40GB of files transferred between Lancashire and Bremen, The Hidden One is an epic merging of ambient soundscapes with techno.

heskin radiophonic

Heskin Radiophonic was my main nom-de-plume for over 12 years. This is just a small part of my musical output.

Mountain Dub

A trio of techno-infused electronic dub. The bass is low, the beats are slow. Dial the intensity back several notches and flow with the music.


Acoustic and folk instruments weave and intertwine simple melodies and harmonies, delays build, and cavernous echoes rebound.


This four track EP evolves the techno of The Slug and The Snarl, but enhancing the throbbing, pulsing techno beats and bass.

The Slug and The Snarl

The Slug and The Snarl is a full-length album that melds zoned out drones, ambient textures, delicate melodies and pounding, minimal techno beats.

Schwarzschild Radius

Entirely remastered in 2015, this four track EP blends epic, outer space, crispy fried electronics with resonant, droning orchestral undertones.


Originally from 2009, this 3 track EP is largely performed on enhanced and sampled electric guitar. Remastered in 2015 to enhance detail and remove muddiness in the lower frequencies.


viejos hombres de abejón

Viejos Hombres de Abejón are a collective of drone musicians, whose line-up on this release includes Heskin Radiophonic, Echosonic, and Vasko the Pig.

The Library of Noise

This is a soundtrack for our current dystopia. It’s the rally of the drums in the revolution, it’s the rave of the apocalypse. In short, it sounds like the sky is being torn apart.

Volume One

The album’s six tracks are designed equally to calm the troubled mind and to scare the sane. So, put on your slippers, pop a Werther’s Original in your mouth, relax in your wing-back chair, stoke your briar and enjoy some old-time drone.


transitional landscape

A folktronica collaboration with guitarist, designer, cyclist, photographer and painter Andy Walmsley, drawing inspiration from the landscapes of Lancashire and surrounding areas.

The Ascent
Sketch #1


Attention all you greasers, hopheads and squares! Stratosonics are here with some down and dirty rock and roll! So buckle in for some high speed, all attitude and no talent psychobilly vibes. It’s loud, crude and very stupid.