Third Reel | The Hidden One

Third Reel is a collaboration between Kanal Drei & Dublock. We found common ground in our styles and have produced a superbly focused piece of work, from atmospheric hazy ambient pieces to beat-laden techno. Written and produced over 6 months, with over 40GB of files transferred between Lancashire and Bremen, The Hidden One is an epic merging of ambient soundscapes with techno.

Dangrabad Beta

A quick EP made from the first explorations with the NI Maschine system. This focuses on tight, minimal techno with a tribal flavour.

Sirius Tau

The atmospheric Techno finds a harder edge here and there on this release, most notably on the brilliant opener Delta Cygni. Included on both the CD and download are 5 bonus tracks, remixes by Verses Records artists mrscientificterms & Dubpixel as well as remixes by Impulse Array, ntrval and echosonic.


Starting 2018 with a series of fat techno remixes. One remix of a previous track, one of a forthcoming track, on from a Glitchfield Plaines EP.


The first full-length album from Dublock follows the pattern set by the previous EP. Pounding techno beats are complemented with ambient drones and throbbing sub bass. It was released on Romeda Records on a strictly limited-edition clear 12″ vinyl.


This album is written in a state of Repulsion at contemporary events in the UK and USA. These are written, partially in anger, but mostly in commemoration to those who have suffered, and through a sense of loss of basic civility and humanity.


This debut EP was created in a joint attempt to raise the tempo and to pare down the musicality of my tracks, and focus on rhythm and tonality. It’s not my first venture into techno, but it’s the first concerted effort into sustaining it and developing it as a style.