Releases Roundup

There has been a flurry of Dublock related releases lately, including collaborations, remixes and a quickie solo EP. Third Witness – Illequal  Third Witness – another nom de plume of Trium Circulorum (along with Kanal Drei and 3dtorus) – produced a throbbingly great set of electro dub music. He commissioned myself, Dub Not Pop […]

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Live at Emotion Wave – this Saturday

This Saturday 28th July marks my solo live debut. I’ll be performing a 30 minute set of minimal ambient and tribal techno at 81 Renshaw Street, Liverpool. Doors open at 8pm, and I’ll be on at about 9.30pm. Also on the bill are excellent producers Baron Farg and White Mask. DJ services c/o Oscillik. I’ll […]

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Gigs, Music and Merch

Gig On the 28th July I’ll be performing my first solo, electronica gig at 81 Renshaw Street, Liverpool. Also appearing are White Mask and Baron Farg, with DJ sets from Oscillik. It’s the first time I’ve performed live electronic music, so it’s safe to say I’m moderately terrified! I’ve begun planning, which has involved creating […]

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Man Maschine 1

After much deliberation, I’ve bought a Native Instruments Maschine. I’m going to make a series of posts to explain my immersion into the world of Maschine. This was a considered choice – I’d looked at various MIDI controllers, Ableton Push and the like. My primary intention was to make and perform music live. My music […]

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Resonate – a fair streaming service

Resonate is a new streaming service built on Web 3.0 technologies. Their aim is quite revolutionary, and totally in line with my own feelings. It is built to take down Spotify. It is a fully co-operative movement that aims to build a “Bandcamp for streaming”. The internet has seen the growth of what is perhaps sarcastically […]

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