We need to talk about Spotify. Not just Spotify, admittedly, but Apple Music, Deezer, YouTube Music and all the rest. For a consumer, these are all amazing and incredible value for money. All the music you want for a small monthly fee. What could be better?

But as an artist, you’re effectively giving your art away to allow corporate parasites to make money from them. Unless you’re an international megastar, you won’t see a penny. Even then you’ll barely get what it’s worth. These corporate platforms have essentially made the cliche “but think of the exposure I’ll give you” their business model.

And as artists we’re now trapped by an unfair business model because – small as it may be – they do provide some exposure. You do have to engage with these platforms if you want to expand your audience.

My solution for my upcoming releases will be to limit the number of tracks from an album that are uploaded to streaming platforms. For example, if I make an album of 6 tracks, each about 7 minutes long (which is kind of normal for me) I’ll either upload just one full track, or I’ll make two 4 minute remixes just for the streaming platforms.

And just to make the point more obvious they’ll be named Corporate Parasite Mix and will have something subtle like this for the album artwork: