There has been a flurry of Dublock related releases lately, including collaborations, remixes and a quickie solo EP.

Third Witness – Illequal

Third Witness – another nom de plume of Trium Circulorum (along with Kanal Drei and 3dtorus) – produced a throbbingly great set of electro dub music. He commissioned myself, Dub Not Pop and Luke Lund to remix these 4 tunes. The result is an epic 3CD set of tunes and remixes. I consider these to perhaps be my best work to date. The album is available as a strictly limited edition 3CD box set – it really is a beautiful collection, please check it out.

Third Reel – The Hidden One

The Hidden One is an epic double CD collaboration between myself and Trium Circulorum. 6 months collaborative work, with 48GB of data transferred between Lancaster and Bremen, The Hidden One is an involved, absorbing listen. It’s mixture of ambient, noise, industrial, dub and techno makes for a solid listen. Available as a deluxe double CD on the excellent Romeda Records, as well as available for streaming on the usual platforms.

Dangrabad Beta EP

This is the last of my red series of EPs – all named after fictional star systems from The Hitchhikers’ Guide To The Galaxy. Four tracks of ambient, minimal techno – with a hint of techno – were created as part of my explorations on the NI Maschine. Available for free on SoundCloud and Bandcamp, as well as streaming services.