On the 28th July I’ll be performing my first solo, electronica gig at 81 Renshaw Street, Liverpool. Also appearing are White Mask and Baron Farg, with DJ sets from Oscillik.

It’s the first time I’ve performed live electronic music, so it’s safe to say I’m moderately terrified! I’ve begun planning, which has involved creating lists, diagrams, sketches and lots of crossing out. No music has been involved so far!

Full details


Since Sirius Tau was finished I’ve worked with Trium Circulorum and the results of that will be a full double album of music, mixing ambient, dub, techno and noise. This will be released on Romeda Records later this year. This is the second collaboration with Trium Circulorum to bear fruit – the first will finally see the day this year on the Odd Chorus label.

On top of that, Trium Circulorum (under his Third Witness) guise sent stems to an EP to myself, Dub Not Pop and Luke Lund. We were each asked to remix the material, which has resulted in possible the best music I’ve made as Dublock.

Experiments with the newly purchased Maschine continue to be fruitful. An EP of tracks will be available by the time of the Emotion Wave gig.


I’ve started creating some merch that lives on Redbubble. There’s a few different-but-the-same designs on there, with more to follow.

Get it here!