Resonate is a new streaming service built on Web 3.0 technologies. Their aim is quite revolutionary, and totally in line with my own feelings. It is built to take down Spotify.

It is a fully co-operative movement that aims to build a “Bandcamp for streaming”. The internet has seen the growth of what is perhaps sarcastically called the “sharing economy” – Uber being a prime example – where the person doing the work is shafted by the corporate gods who provide the connectivity. Resonate is part of a Web 3.0 move to use blockchain and cryptocurrency technology to take power out of the internet overlords – Google, Facebook, Amazon, Apple – and give it back to the people.

Resonate works like Spotify, but instead of distributing your subscription fees to all artists across the board, each artist gets rewarded per play. And if you stream a song 9 times, you own a copy of it.

All this is very well-intentioned, and the technologies and platforms for Web 3.0 are still in alpha or beta testing – Resonate doesn’t yet feel like a complete package – but it’s getting there fast. And it needs all the help it can get, to try to develop the technology and the power to take down corporate behemoths like Spotify and iTunes. I’m going to be checking out far more things like this as a move away from the intrusive, corporate web.

You can find my back catalogue of Resonate here.