I’m pleased to announce that a new full-length album Sirius Tau will be coming soon from Romeda Records. The album contains 7 new songs from Dublock, from straight ahead techno bangers, to some more ambient, drone infested tracks. The album will be released on digital platforms, but also as a CD in a digipack. The full album features remixes from Impulse Array, echosonic, mrscientificterms, ntrval and Dubpixel.

Currently in the studio is an epic new collaboration with Trium Circulorum (aka Kanal Drei, 3dtorus or Third Witness). Designed to break us both out of our Winter slumbers, this is shaping up to be one epic collaboration, possibly stretching to a double CD album in length. It’s a merge of both of our styles, and tracks are being passed backwards and forwards, developed, evolved or revolutionised. This will be one to watch out for in 2018!