Hailing from the small Russian city of Perm, deep in the Ural mountains, Gnoomes have produced an album of beauty. Where psychedelic rock meets kosmische meets shoegaze, there you will find Gnoomes.

A lot of the genre conventions are in place – Motorik drumming, fuzz guitars, echoladen Ebow guitars and dreamlike vocals all feature. But the music this trio creates is more than the sum of its parts. There is beauty to be had, there is a lot a variety to be found in these four tracks. Each of those genre conventions are used sparingly – when the fuzzed guitars kick into Roadhouse, it is a surprise and a joy.

There are four tracks here – the middle two are conventional in length only. The stars of the show are the end pieces of Roadhouse and My Son, both weighing in at around 15 minutes each. These tracks are elongated jams, propelled by great musicianship and moments of shining, shimmering delight.