There’s a lot to like about the Romeda netlabel, and their first compilation Restore Point was one of the very best samplers I have ever heard, even including from established, professional record labels.

R2 doesn’t quite match the brilliant standard of it’s predecessor, but it’s still an incredibly good record, dovetailing many of the label’s fine roster of artists into the mix. The consistency and quality that marked Restore Point is also present and correct in R2 – this wouldn’t be at all out of place if it was largely released as one artist’s work, they all fit into a certain label sound, despite the mix of genres.

From Owlbinos of Northfield’s iPad looped field recordings, to Kanal Drei’s modular techno mayhem, via hip-hop, ambient, drum and bass, acid, and 8-bit, this is a quality record, from a quality label.

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