Martin Hensel – the incredibly prolific brains behind Kanal Drei, Trium Circulorum and 3dtorus – returns to Romeda Records with a full length album, and an EP (which is just five minutes shorter). The accompanying album and EP are stylistically and aesthetically a pair, and they both take Martin’s music into a realm that is far more unambiguously techno than before.

Techno has always been a key part of Martin’s sound – some of his early 3dtorus music is techno sunk to the bottom of a pool and filtered through a laudanum haze. The techno on Verses of Life and Death and Memento Mori is techno on uppers, it is lean, keen and utterly banging. The sound is very stripped back and minimal. Often only a few instruments are sounding at any time, but they build with an almost tidal ebb and flow.

At the time of writing there is one copy of Verses of Life and Death available on handcut clear 12″ vinyl. I am happy to be the owner of one copy, and it’s a beautifully presented package. Do not miss out!

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