16 August 2016

Review: Field Lines Cartographer / Impulse Array

Magnetic Anomalies by Field Lines Cartographer is a new full-length ambient album out on Concrète Tapes – home of the wonderful Preston Field Audio. The album drifts through musical reference points such as Popol Vuh, Tangerine Dream and The Orb, merging fat analogue synthesis with field recordings.

What results is an album that not only works as an album of woozy ambient drones, but one that entirely recaptures that early 90s merging of the come-down rave scene with all that was mystic of the pre-commercial Glastonbury – crop-circles, ley lines, ancient stones alien encounters, mythic folklore – all best summed up in the phrase “I Want To Believe”.

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Field Lines Cartographer also makes music under the name Impulse Array, and this EP is full on minimal, melody free techno. The beats are enormous, propelling these tracks along. Ghostly pads and noises create waves of static background that evolve and develop, transporting the listener to SETI and the incoming radio waves of distant galaxies. And it’s an absolute steal – this is easily worth £2 of anyone’s money!

buy it here

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