Street Force is the pseudo soundtrack to an ersatz film – a greasy, low-budget, early 80s giallo/schlock action film set in pre-clean up New York and coming across as a cheapo knock off merging Death Wish, The Warriors and Escape From New York – the type of movie that spent more on the lurid VHS artwork than the movie itself.

As such, the music evokes the score of John Carpenter especially, but is also firmly placed in the realms of 80s hits such as Blade Runner, Beverley Hills Cop, Ghostbusters and even something like the music from Romancing The Stone. The joy of the music comes from imagining the movie in your head – during pieces such as Looking for Jeffries, you can visualise the stakeout montage featuring graffiti-covered subway trains, gang members assembling in alleyways, and backlit figures running down neon soaked streets in grainy VHS quality. The whole vibe is a perfect encapsulation of a specific period.

If I have a criticism – and I am being very, very picky here – it’s that the digital download sounds a little too clean and digital. The whole thing just lacks that constant tape hiss, analogue warmth and the top end is just a little too crisp.

But ignore that criticism, because you can buy it as an audio cassette, in an awesome looking package with sleeve notes on the non-existent movie.

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