Review: 3rd Witness – Low Bass Slow Pace Deep Space

3rd Witness – aka Trium Circulorum, Kanal Drei and 3dtorus – releases this new hour long mix of electronic dub. This set mixes elements of dub, reggae, dubstep and more with Trium Circulorum’s signature stripped down electronica. Songs weave in and out through epic infinite feedback delay, as elements from one track decay and become a soundbed […]

Review: Modern Language – Ok Txt Me

Ok Text Me is a four track EP of fantastic old-school hip-hop and rap. Rapper Lucid Optics, from San Jose, collaborates with UK producer Museum to great effect. The rhymes flow, and the production is utterly pristine, mixing analogue instruments – tasty Rhodes, and funky Fender licks – with crunchy beats to excellent effect. It’s incredibly […]

Review: Preston Field Audio – Rhythm Tree Fell

This début recording from Preston Field Audio, on the Concrète Tapes label merges raw field recordings with arranged compositions, forming an entirely ethereal otherworldly projection of my own home town of Preston, Lancashire. Merging brass band recordings (very northern!), choir practises with snatches of overheard conversations in the grotty market café, this record synthesizes the […]