The Periskop 40 collection is an awe-inspiring 40 albums of electro-dub, ambient and noise from Danny Kreutzfeldt. Created between 1999 and 2012, these 40 albums all perfectly capture the submarine theme, but also manage to be good listening. It’s almost impossible to review the entire collection, as it is so incomprehensibly vast.¬†However, the Dubworks quartet are probably the place the begin, but 80/60 1 is probably my current favourite.

The music is entirely immersive, conjuring up the murky depths of the Atlantic and the conjunction of metallic machinery in a world devoid of human life.

This is an exceptional body of work: to create 40 distinct, and good, albums around one central theme is an astonishing feat of composition and production know-how. The 3.1GB download should be considered essential listening for all fans of experimental electronic music.